It’s really hot in Cooperstown! We sat in the sun for about an hour waiting for the ceremony to start. We were not alone, 50,000 people joined us in this little town for Griffey’s big day. They introduced all the Hall of Famer that were there for the big day then Mike Piazza and Ken Griffrey Jr gave their speeches. The whole thing took a couple of hours. It was great! Can’t believe how many Griffrey jerseys there were in town. 

Here we are trying to stay cool while we wait for things to start. 

It was really cool to hear Ken Griffrey Jr give his speech and see his plaque. Congratulation Griffrey!

Then we went to the hall of fame and I found Babe Ruth’s plaque. 

The plaques were the best part. We spent a lot of time there finding all our favorite players, Cal Ripken, Rickey Henderson, Randy Johnson, Carlton Fisk, Jackie Robinson… They’re our favorites even if we never saw them play because Dad has told us how great they were. 

There was some cool stuff in the museum too. I really liked seeing all the Red Sox World Champion rings. And it’s pretty cool they put the Orioles locker right next to the Red Sox. It’s like they were expecting  us.

Hey look Brooklyn! We can’t visit your park any more but we found a piece of it anyway!

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