It’s really hot in Cooperstown! We sat in the sun for about an hour waiting for the ceremony to start. We were not alone, 50,000 people joined us in this little town for Griffey’s big day. They introduced all the Hall of Famer that were there for the big day then Mike Piazza and Ken Griffrey Jr gave their speeches. The whole thing took a couple of hours. It was great! Can’t believe how many Griffrey jerseys there were in town. 

Here we are trying to stay cool while we wait for things to start. 

It was really cool to hear Ken Griffrey Jr give his speech and see his plaque. Congratulation Griffrey!

Then we went to the hall of fame and I found Babe Ruth’s plaque. 

The plaques were the best part. We spent a lot of time there finding all our favorite players, Cal Ripken, Rickey Henderson, Randy Johnson, Carlton Fisk, Jackie Robinson… They’re our favorites even if we never saw them play because Dad has told us how great they were. 

There was some cool stuff in the museum too. I really liked seeing all the Red Sox World Champion rings. And it’s pretty cool they put the Orioles locker right next to the Red Sox. It’s like they were expecting  us.

Hey look Brooklyn! We can’t visit your park any more but we found a piece of it anyway!


Camden at Camden

OK, wow! Camden Yards is absolutely amazing! I mean, if you can’t have a one of a kind, 100 year old ballpark in your city, this is what you want. 

Camden was bummed to learn he can’t wear #5 when he plays for the orioles (Brooks Robinson) or #33 (Eddie Murray). 

Here’s something you probably don’t know. At Camden Yards they mark every ball that leaves the park on to Eutaw Street. These markers are all balls that have been hit out. 

Here’s Robinson Cano’s.

And up here on the wall of the warehouse across the street is Ken Griffrey Jr’s. 

Next stop Cooperstown!


We had a really great time in New York city. 

I gotta say Yankee Stadium is really not up to the level of Fenway Park or Safeco Field. It’s just a big concrete stadium. There is nothing special about it. They wouldn’t even let us down near the dugout after the game to try for an autograph. And you would  think that after 27 championships they’d get something better than steel bleachers in the outfield. 

Oh, and even Yankee fans boo A-Rod.  

Still, we had a great time. Orioles won 4-1.
NYC is pretty amazing. We caught Pokemons in the park. 

And went up in a really tall building. 

Camden thinks this is so cool. He’s taking his subway on the subway. 

Back at Fenway

We’re back at Fenway Park! We walked over to Fenway this morning. First thing, oh my gosh this place is overrun with Giants fans! There is orange everywhere. Where did they all come from. I thought out-of-town fans only took over the ballpark in places like Seattle.

Anyway, we got our tickets for the tour then went to grab some lunch. Of course, I ordered the Fenway burger. Hey, check out the hat I found. It’s got my name under the bill. Now if I forget I just have to look up. 😉


We had a great time and all of those Giants fans went home sad because Big Papi (should have been a Mariner) hit a three run bomb and the Red Sox won 4-0. There is too much good stuff to write about it all so I created an album of the best photos.

Here’s my favorite though. We took a picture here last time. They’ve added a new one since then. Cool.


Oh, and I got some things to hang in my room.


Well, good news bad news I guess. Bad news is the Mercer Island All Stars lost in extra innings to Bellevue Thunderbird. The good news, Camden was able to jump a red eye and join us in time for PV. For one day we got to do all the things the girls get to do every day all summer. Like swimming, water skiing, tennis, volleyball, archery, rock climbing, zip lining…

Brooklyn has a cool bunk. 

Grandpa loves having his girls in camp so much you wouldn’t believe it. Thanks grandpa for making this all possible!

They’re so lucky!

A Fly in the Ointment

We’re at the airport ready to go to Boston!



That’s me and Alex. Where is Camden you ask? Well, turns out that MI All-Star team is pretty good. They won again last night and just keep advancing through the District 9 tournament. That means we have to leave without Camden. 😦

He’ll join us as soon as he can. He’ll have to fly all the way across the country by himself though. Scary. I know he can do it. Go MI!

Fenway at Fenway Redux

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a blog post and a very long time since I’ve been to Fenway Park. But…that drought is about to come to an end in a very big way!

Friday morning we leave on what Dad calls “the great baseball pilgrimage.” He says he’s been dreaming about this trip since me and Camden got our names. He’s been waiting until just the right time.

He says “just the right time” means the year Ken Griffey Jr. goes into the Hall of Fame. Well, that time has finally come. Here’s a map of our planned journey.


OK, in case that’s not perfectly clear, here’s is the plan….we fly to Boston. We’re bringing my cousin Alex. She’s a great girl. We drive her to Camp Danbee where she is going to stay and have a great time with my sisters Jazzlyn and Brooklyn and my Grandpa Leo. He teaches wood craft at Camp Danbee.

So, after we get to Boston we drive to Danbee. We stay for parent visit day on Sunday. The girls call it PV. Then we leave Alex at camp and head back to Boston where we get to go to a game at Fenway Park!

After that we go see the Yankees (booo!) at Yankee stadium. Then we drive to Baltimore where we’ll be the first people in our family to see a game at Camden Yards. Then, finally, we go to Cooperstown for Ken Griffey Jr.’s induction ceremony and my first trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, well, a bunch. Mercer Island is an awesome place for kids who love baseball like me. I played Little League for the Brewers. I was the starter in the league championship game. We lost that game but it was a great season for everybody on the team. Here’s a picture of our team with honorary pitching coach Felix Hernandez. Some people thought we got a cardboard cutout but no, that is the real Felix Hernandez.


I also played for the Mercer Island Select team. Here’s me on the mound just last week.


My brother Camden gets to play on the Mercer Island All-Star team. Here’s his picture from the first game.


I’m sad I don’t get to play on the team but really proud of my brother. There are some cool things I get to do that he doesn’t because he has to practice twice a day. For example, I got to hang with Russell Wilson at Husky Stadium!


And…I got to be the PA dude for Mercer Island’s game against Kirkland American. We won 17-3. Here is me and my Dad introducing the players. I’m pretty sure I butchered the names of some Kirkland kids…sorry guys, I did my best.


So, that is all for now. Stay tuned…we’re going to have some great baseball stories to share! Go Sox!